Kiteboard Lessons We Offer

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Level 1 KiteBoarding


  • We focus on kite safety and technique
  • Learn at your own speed and budget
  • Steps to success – Kite set up, kite control, board starts
  • The goal of every lesson is for you to succeed and have fun

“The best money we’ve ever spent on our new kiting adventure”

Beginner Lessons

Level 2 KiteBoarding


  • We aim to make you an independent kiteboarder
  • Learn to launch and land at the Spit
  • Radio technology to teach you while you ride
  • Learn your first trick or take your first jump

“Took my kiteboarding to the next level with the teaching by Jay”

Intermediate Lessons

Level 3 KiteBoarding


  • Let us teach you how to jump higher with your kite
  • Learn new kiteboard techniques, foilboarding, strapless surfboard
  • Take your kiteboard riding to the next level
  • Learn advanced level freestyle tricks

“Got a new kitesurf front roll trick into my bag, nailed it!”

Advanced Lessons

Why Trust Us?

Great teachers know how to bring out the best in their students

The best kiteboarding lessons, Sea to Sky Kiteboarding is the longest running Kiteboard School at the Spit in Squamish, Vancouver BC. Our infamous RED bus is a great indicator that the kiting season is in full swing. Our lessons create independent kiteboarders who are able to set up, launch, land and ride at the sometimes-challenging location.

All lessons are tailored to your ability to ensure maximum safety and rapid progression. We teach with the best equipment in the industry, including Core Kites, ION suits and harnesses, Airush twin tip Kiteboards, North Surfboards, and Slingshot Foilboards.

We eat sleep and breathe kiting! During the winter, you can join Sea to Sky Kiteboarding at our second location in world famous kitesurfing spot, La Ventana, Mexico.

Come on and join us and have a great kiting session.

Jay Maartense Sea To Sky Kiteboarding

Jay Maartense
Lead Instructor and Owner

Location Weather Webcam

Sea To Sky Kiteboarding Red Bus

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