BB Talkin Radio Headsets For Kiteboard Lessons

Sea To Sky Kiteboarding Lessons using BB Talkin Headsets

Coaching to the next Level

BB Talkin and not the song by Miley Cyrus (BB Talk), is a long range Bluetooth headset that is a game changer for our kiteboarding students and instructors. This technology enhances the learning curve because of its overall effect of crystal clear communication. Reducing wasted lesson time in having the student return to the boat for further instruction.

Why Use BB Talkin for our kiteboard lessons?

Bb Talkin sponsors Lewis Crathern for kiteboard lessonsBefore discovering this revolutionary headset we used Walkie Talkies attached to helmets that students wore. This had great advantages for us at the time; we didn’t have to have students come back to us in the boat to get further instructions or us riding close by yelling tips.
The only disadvantages with this system were, they had to be sealed in waterproof bags and students couldn’t communicate back.

After Some research we discovered BB Talkin thanks to Lewis Crathern, professional kitesurfer. As he says “This action sports intercom allows me to get right inside your head and coach you”.

Benefits of BB Talkin System?

The biggest advantage of the BB Talking system is the fact that students can now also communicate back to the kiteboard instructor during their kiteboard lessons. This increases the potential learning curve as it ensures you have understood what the instructor is asking of you. And yes we can also hear your frustration but we promise we wont hold this against you!

The success of the system will help to increase your fun, safety and kiting abilities. As an example of a real situation of safety, we can now help talk you calmly through a relaunch in deep water, giving you guidance were necessary but also allow you to talk back to ensure everything is good. With these facts, this is why we say it will increase your learning potential because every moment of the lesson is dedicated to making you an independent kiteboarder.

Key Facts of BB Talkin for Kiteboard Lessons

  • Adds invaluable level of safety during a lesson
  • Adding fun by talking with one another
  • Range of up to one mile (1.6 Km)
  • Offers two way communication between student and instructor
  • Personal and interactive lesson experience
  • Implement coach’s feedback instantly
  • Increases learning curve potential
  • No push to talk required
  • Totally waterproof system

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