What to expect on your first Kiteboarding lesson


The history Kiteboarding

Looking to take your first kiteboarding lesson? Kiting is an extremely new sport compared to other watersports. The impression of kiteboarding was first seen in the 70s, but it wasn’t until 1984 that brothers Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux patented the inflatable kite used by most companies today. Back then most people that took up the sport crossed over from wind surfing which has been around since the 40s.

Despite its recent entry into watersports, Sea to Sky Kiteboarding’s owner, Jay has many years of experience teaching kiteboarding and is a former winder surfer, so he will help keep your nerves at bay.

First Kiteboarding Lesson

Learning to kiteboard requires determination and confidence and represents a significant commitment of time and money. Depending on your athletic prowess, mental state, existing board/kite skills, and willingness to embrace the elements, the average person will require 8 to 12 hours of instruction to become a fully independent kiteboarder.

What to expect from your first kiteboarding lesson

Your first kiteboard lesson will involve an introduction to the equipment needed to kiteboard, the theory behind the wind and about the location. You will be set up with an appropriately sized kite and you will be taught kite control. You will learn emergency quick release and self-rescue techniques. Before getting into the water and learning the techniques of landing and launching, body dragging and if there is time the water start.

That is a lot to take in and this is not a race to see who learns the fastest: it takes time and hands-on practice to become a safe, competent kiteboarder. ​

That said, we realize that most people are on a budget, and would like to know there is a reasonable cap on lesson costs. ​

To this end, we have developed a number of programs to suit every budget, from private, fast-track lessons to affordable Groupon-style group lessons.

Why choose Sea to Sky Kiteboarding?

To make your lesson time really pay-off, we use the best kites (Core kites!), warm Ion drysuits, new Ion harnesses, large comfortable boats, and the most experienced and friendly instructor in Squamish.

All students will be coached by radio when you are in the water, allowing you to hear all instruction clearly.

Sea to Sky Kiteboarding guarantee to get you kiteboarding

Lesson guarantee we want all of our lessons to guarantee your success in becoming a independent kiteboarder by structuring our lessons to your learning abilities and criteria by reaffirming the points made in the lesson and giving you points to work on after the lesson as our success is proven by your success and we have many happy returning clients. Our motto is to make independent kiters one at a time from our many years of successful teaching and development.

We understand each person learns in different styles such as observers, kinetics, doers. We tailor our lessons to cater for all.

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  1. Who's that dorky kitesurfing instructor standing in the boat? Heard he's a fantastic instructor though!

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