Interview with Professional Kiteboarder Lauren Holman

Lauren Holman Cabrinha Pro Female Kiteboarder

Meet one of the most talented upcoming female kiteboarders

Travelling all over the world, Lauren Holman, a professional kiteboarder sponsored by Cabrinha, still manages to find time to study in Vancouver at UBC, providing herself with the option of a future career in marketing complimenting her kiteboarding.

We recently met Lauren, fresh from her victory at the 2018 Kite Clash in Squamish, British Columbia and she shared her love for kiteboarding and why she encourages more women to get involved.

How did you get into kiteboarding?

My dad actually got me into kiteboarding. He was the first one in our family to try the sport and he got me out flying a kite pretty quick! It’s always been pretty special sharing sessions with my dad – now my mum is even kiting as well!

How many years have you been kiteboarding?

I started when I was 14 and have been kiteboarding for 7 years now.

Favourite spot to kiteboard?

My favourite spot to ride might actually be Squamish! It’s hard to beat that perfectly flat honey hole and consistent wind conditions… not to mention the beautiful backdrops…

Favourite kite gear set up?

I love my Cabrinha setup. My favourite kite is definitely the Chaos, paired with my 133cm XCaliber Wood board.Lauren Holman Cabrinha sea to sky kiteboarding

Favourite Kiteboard Trick?

I think my favourite trick right now is an s-bend to blind. The fluid front rotation always feels so good.

Which kiteboard trick are you currently learning?

I’m currently working on a blind judge, which involves passing the bar behind your back in the air. I’ll be pretty happy once I get that one down!

What was the hardest kiteboard trick to learn?

So far the hardest trick to learn was my first handle pass which was a raley to blind. Once your learn your first handle pass, it’s a natural progression to more technical maneuvers.

who is your Kiteboarding hero?

Hmmm my kiteboarding hero! It sounds cheesy but it has to be my dad. He’s out there on his twin tip, surfboard, or foil, no matter what the conditions are. My dad is probably the most motivated kiteboarder I’ve ever met. He even counts his days on the water! I think his record is 131 days last year.

Most Rewarding Part of Kiteboarding?

The most rewarding part of kiteboarding for me is seeing young kids out on the water. It’s so cool to see younger generations getting into the sport early and progressing so quickly.

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is winning Canadian Nationals two years in a row! That’s definitely a title I want to keep for the next few years to come 🙂

You recently won the Canadian national championship, tell us a bit about that?

Kite Clash went really well. I had a great final heat and ended up landing some tricks that I was very happy with. The level this year was higher than ever and it was really inspiring and motivating to see all of the other ladies killing it!

What would you say to encourage more girls to take up kiteboarding? Sea to Sky Kiteboarding encourages more women to learn like Kiteboarder Lauren Holman

It’s so much fun to go for a session with all of your best girlfriends! Kiteboarding is still a male-dominated sport but more and more girls are getting into it each year. We even have ladies kite nights at the Squamish Spit! It’s a sport that anyone can learn and there’s tons of room for more girls on the water 🙂

Would you recommend taking lessons?

I would definitely recommend taking a lesson from a school for your first few times. It’s important to get the basics down so that you can be safe and confident in your progression. If you live in town, there’s tons of great instructors at the Squamish Spit!

What is it about Squamish that keeps you coming back?

The community in Squamish is unlike any other spot I’ve been. The people here are so awesome; everyone is always keen to do something fun outside whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, kiteboarding… This place definitely lives up to its name of being the outdoor adventure capital of Canada!

Are you into any other sports, that help with kiteboarding?

I’ve been spending a bit more time at the cable park. Wakeboarding definitely helps with the park side of kiteboarding because it gives extra practice riding features in perfect conditions.

What’s next for you?

I am headed to Hood River next to compete in the Patagonia Hood Jam! This is a Kite Park League event which involves sliders and kickers; this discipline is really growing and is definitely something I want to keep improving in.

At just 20 years old, and two Canadian National titles under her kite harness, we are likely to be seeing Lauren Holman a lot more on the kiteboarding scene. Follow Lauren’s progress on her instagram @laurenh0lman

Photos courtesy of Kyle Touhey

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