Interview with Jack Rieder – new generation pro kiteboarder

Jack Reider Pro Kiteboarder at The Spit

Jack Rieder – a squamish local taking the kiteboarding scene by storm

Meet J-Ride – a homegrown Squamish champion destined for great things!

Jack Reider pro kiteboarder - sponsored by AirushMost teenagers are hanging out with their mates or avoiding their parents. If you want to find Jack Rieder pro kiteboarder, pop your head out the window. If it’s windy, he will be on the water. Jack has only been kiteboarding for three years yet he is already giving the likes of Sam Medysky, his close friend, plenty of competition.

We caught up with J-Ride as he is known by his friends, following his success at the 2018 Kite Clash to ask him how he got into kiteboarding and what his hopes are for the future.

How Did You Get Into Kiteboarding?

I used to race Optimist sailboats and attended a regatta in Squamish where the kites caught my eye. I ended up spending that entire weekend starring at the kiteboarders and almost forgot about my own sailing. The next summer I took lessons and never looked back!

How Many Years Have You Been Kiteboarding?

It has been about three years now that I have been kiteboarding. From the moment I started I was hooked and went to Squamish whenever I had the opportunity. I couldn’t drive for the first year so I would get dropped off at 6am by my mom before she went to work and spend the entire day at the spit. (Thanks Mom!)

Favourite Spot To Kiteboard?

This may sound somewhat cheesy or cliché but Squamish is truly my favourite spot in the entire world. The wind is steady, the water is flat and you will never find a more beautiful view whilst riding.

Favourite Kite Gear Set Up?

My main discipline in kiteboarding is freestyle so I like to use C-Kites. These are kites that are better suited to my riding. I joined the Airush Kiteboarding team last summer and I ride the Razor. It is the perfect kite for my style and allows me to progress well.


Favourite Kiteboarding Trick?

The tricks with a lot of spins tend to score the highest, however at the moment there is nothing more satisfying to me than a big grabbed Front Roll to Blind.

Which Kiteboard Trick Are You Currently Learning?

I try not to learn one trick at a time because that can often turn into a lot of crashes and bad habits. I try to have two or three new tricks I want to learn each day I ride. Often these tricks are the same for a week or two. I am currently working on BackMobe 5s Backside 5s and Frontside 7s. 

What Was The Hardest Kiteboard Trick To Learn?

I believe the hardest trick I ever learned was my first handle pass. The raley to blind. It is as simple as a 180, however, getting that first handle pass was the most challenging barrier I have faced in kiteboarding. From there progression has gone quite consistently.

Who Is Your Kiteboarding Hero?

Sam Medysky has always been a pro kiteboarder I looked up to and when he moved to Squamish he really took me under his wing. I used to watch his videos before each session and getting to ride with him always stokes me up! I couldn’t have gotten where I am in the sport without Sam Medysky.

Most Rewarding Part Of Kiteboarding?

Landing new tricks certainly feels rewarding, although nothing beats the feeling of riding all alone in the ocean at sunset. I have never felt more free than in those moments. I love progressing but in the end Kiteboarding is still the place I feel most free and peaceful.

What Is Your Greatest Achievement in kiting?

I believe finishing second in the Men’s Canadian National’s at Kiteclash this year is the achievement I am most proud of. Getting to stand up on stage with Lucas Arsenault and Sam Medysky was a great feeling and they are two riders that I was extremely proud to share a podium with.

You recently won the Open Freestyle – Junior , tell us a bit about that?

This was my last year as a junior in Kite Clash and I was stoked to take home the win for Canada.

Would You Recommend Taking Lessons?

In my opinion lessons are a must for kiteboarding. Not only do lessons make learning much safer, they also save you so much time struggling on your own. As a result, you’re up and riding sooner and getting that amazing feeling of kiteboarding.

What Is It About Squamish That Keeps You Coming Back?

Last summer my dad moved to Squamish, so I always have a place to stay. Squamish is my home in the summer and the perfect sessions never get old! Nothing beats a perfect day on the water with all your friends.

Are You Into Any Other Sports, That Help With Kiteboarding?

I snowboard in the winter but not competitively. I do park mostly which has definitely helped with my transition into the park side of kiteboarding.

What’s Next For You?

I am off to Hood River this month for Hood Jam and Junior Hood Jam, then there is no plan. I’ll take whatever opportunities present themselves and keep pursuing this amazing sport. I do school online so I can travel throughout the winter. The only location that I am determined to ride is Brazil. Otherwise, I will follow the wind where it takes me!

Jack Rieder pro kiteboarder has a very bright future

Blessed with living in one of the windiest spots in North America, with a solid summer of riding he can only improve. In a few years Jack will be up there with the likes of Ruben and Aaron, pushing the older guys off the podium. We found that despite his early success, Jack is modest and friendly.

If you would like to watch Jack’s kiteboarding career develop, follow him at @jack_rieder


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