Kiteboard Hand Grab Guide

How to do a kiteboard handgrab?

Add style to your kiteboard jumps with these kiteboarding hand grabs

Every kiteboarder wants to look good and one way of achieving this is by adding hand grabs to your kiteboard jumps. You can tell the skill of a rider by the quality of their hand grabs. Grabs are not just about style. They also help to stabilize and control you through the air, improving your riding.

You can practice the grabs on a skateboard first, to understand how you will need to manoeuvre your body to grab certain parts of the board. When you are on the water, bending one leg more than the other will bring the board closer to your body to make it easier to reach.

Kiteboard – Types of Grabs

There are many ways to grab your board in kiteboarding and although most are easy, however, there are some more difficult grabs which will impress the crowd! Most grabs are either on the toeside or heelside edge between your two feet, with a few on the nose and tail. Below is a diagram of the hand grab names and locations on a kiteboard.

Kiteboard hangrabs

Canadian Bacon

The opposite of a Taipan grab, back hand behind you through the legs to the toe edge.

Chicken Salad

Like a Roast Beef Grab but reaching through your legs to your heel edge with your front hand.


The rear hand reaches across the front of your body and ideally grabs the nose (front tip). The rear leg is stretched as much as possible tailbone style and your arm should be stretched too. The front hand pokes away to the backside to open your upper body for the grab.


One of the most basic grabs. Your rear hand grabs your toe edge slightly inside your rear foot.


Front hand to heelside edge between foot and nose, back foot boned out

Melon Grab

A Melon is where you grab your heelside edge (between your feet) with your front hand. It’s like the Stalefish grab but with the front hand.

Mute Grab

The front hand grabs the toe edge preferably in-between the bindings (otherwise it’s a slob grab, which is considered as bad style). To finish the tweak, the rear leg is often stretched tailbone style.

Nose Grab

A Nose Grab is when your front hand grabs the front tip (nose) of your board. Lift your front leg up and extend your back leg to bring your board up towards your hand.

Roast Beef

A Roast Beef is when you reach between your feet with your back hand, through your legs and grab the heel edge of your kiteboard.

Seatbelt Grab

The front hand reaches across the front of the body and grabs the tail, while the front leg is entirely boned (nosebone). Once you’ve got the grab, it’s easy to style, because you only must stretch everything out.


A Stalefish is when you grab your heelside edge (between your feet) with your rear hand

Tail Grab

A Tail Grab is where your back hand grabs the back tip (tail) of your board. Bring your back leg up and reach backward with your hand to grab the board. Extend your front leg to help reaching the grab.


Place your front hand behind you all the way through your legs to your front edge.


The Indy’s ugly cousin! Don’t grab here, as it is considered a “panic grab” and is generally associated with bad style.

These are the more common and accepted kiteboard grabs, here are some videos courtesy of Mac Kiteboarding.

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