Kiteboarding Zones at The Spit in Squamish

The Spit, Howe Sound bay, British Columbia Canada

The Squamish Estuary is situated at the top of the Howe Sound and to the west of the Spit. The Estuary provides gorgeous views of the Stawamus Chief and is inhabited by many different species of birds and other wildlife.

Where the River Meets the Sound

On a windy day Squamish Spit is full of life and colour with people and kites at the kiteboarding mecca. The Squamish River meets the Howe Sound with glacier fed water, the Spit has no obstructions to block the wind. The Spit is a popular spot for riders and often draws an audience as kiteboarders can practically jump over the spectators.

Where to kiteboard at Squamish Spit

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Understanding the kiting areas of the the Bay

Know Before You Arrive:

  • Dress warmly as wind can pick-up suddenly. When on the water, a wetsuit or, dry-suit is essential as the water is fed from the surrounding glaciers.
  • Visitors should also be aware that it is a designated Wildlife Management Area. Please drive slowly along the gravel road and consider the surrounding habitat when entering.
  • So what are you waiting for come out and play, be safe, and kite hard.

Interested in learning to kiteboard?

Sea To Sky Kiteboarding is located at The Spit in Squamish, you can’t miss our big Red School bus next to the launching area offering a full range of instruction levels, supervision and rentals.

Kiteboard Lessons

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