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Come and watch the kiteboarders st Squamish

What are the rules for kiteboarding at Squamish Spit

Kiteboarding is becoming a very popular sport and while there is plenty of space out on the water, sometimes the launch and landing spot can get a bit crowded. Squamish Windsports Society has some rules it expects everyone to follow to provide the safest and most enjoyable atmosphere possible.

Pay your way – Nothing comes for free

Compare the price of a lift ticket for a ski resort to the cost of a day at the Spit or even a membership and you realise it is a bargain. With serviced porta potties, gas-filled Jet Ski rescue and heavy duty mats and weights to keep your kites off the rocks, it’s a small price to pay.

Check in – everyone gets rescued at some point!

Everyone will need the rescue service at some point whether it is due to an accident or the wind dies. Make sure you scan your card at the sea can to ensure you are covered.

Kites galore – launch and land with care

On a sunny weekend the Spit can get pretty busy while everyone sets up and gets ready to head out on the water. Please be aware of others setting up lines and assist others when launching and landing.

Pump up your kite in the pumping area. When you are in your wetsuit and ready to launch, move your kite to the launching spot and rig your lines.

Use the following hand signals to communicate when launching or landing, this will provide others with knowledge of what your next move will be.

launch my kite
launch my kite
don't launch my kite
don’t launch my kite

If the launch/land zone is crowded please be patient. Head back out and come back to land when clear.

When you want to land your kite, get to the beach and pat your head or call out to get someone’s attention. Ensure the person that offers to land your kite knows what to do.

Once you land wrap up your lines to ensure there is room for others to set up. Move your kite to the rigging zone, deflate it, and store it in the equipment zone. Unattended kites will be deflated and lines wrapped up by SWS staff to provide space for everyone.

Riding Rules at the spit

To ensure the Spit remains accessible to all, the Squamish Windsports Society expect everyone to be respectful, pay attention, and obey the rules.

  • Avoid collisions.
  • Avoid novice riders, kite school boats, and freighters or tugs.
  • Do not kite near the launch/land zone unless you are launching or landing.
  • Notify SWS staff if someone needs help.
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