Rogue Adventure, bringing sport and therapy together to help military and emergency members

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Rogue Adventure Group Inc. was established by three Military Veterans who have now made Squamish their home base. All three started their Military careers as Combat Engineers then branched out into different paths from Special Forces Operators to First Responders. Now retired from Military service, they have chosen to apply their passion for kiteboarding and other sports to help Veterans and First Responders heal through Adventure Therapy camps.

members of Rogue Adventure Group

Rogue Adventure Group was created by Ryan Murphy, Edward Monk and Derek McCann, they met each other while serving as Combat Engineer’s in the Canadian Armed Forces. Honourably discharged in 2017, Ryan has been providing practical instruction to recovering military personnel, which he has combined with his IKO kiteboarding instructor qualification to offer others like him an opportunity to learn a new sport and adjust back into the community. Edward and Derek are now Firefighters both with medical duties. Both kiteboarding for five years, they are able to relate to first responders and use kiteboarding as a therapy for recovery and discovery.

What is Rogue Adventure Group?

Rogue Adventure Group is a non-profit organization with the aim of providing former and serving Military and First Responders with the opportunity to experience an active adventure to rehabilitate and transition into everyday life. Rogue offers participants these programs free of charge so they are able to concentrate on their healing journey.

The team at Rogue strongly believes that adventure is the best therapy. “Transitioning to civilian life or dealing with Operational Stress Injuries is incredibly difficult for all of us. Having used all the resources available ourselves, we found there was just something missing… After traveling to unique parts of the world to participate in kiteboarding and surfing we found exactly what that was. A new challenge, a sense of camaraderie, community involvement and general well-being that we had left behind in our past lives.” said Ryan.

The group offers camps in three locations Cape Town, South Africa, Hood River, USA and Squamish, Canada. The camps offer an array of activities including kiteboarding, hiking, mountain biking, surfing and white-water rafting.

Learning to kiteboard together fosters new relationships with likeminded individuals to bridge the gap while transitioning to civilian life. Learning to kiteboard in a safe and fun environment gives a sense of purpose and is accessible to everyone no matter the stress or injuries previously acquired.

Derek said: “All of our Founders have experienced this bond through traveling to different countries and participating in these sports. We realized the healing benefits of learning these activities and the similar bonding experiences that we left behind in the Canadian Armed Forces.”

What does the future hold for Rogue Adventure Group?

“In the future we plan to welcome other Veterans and First responders to the Rogue Family with employment opportunities. We would like to run our camps for other groups in the community including disadvantaged youths and international Veterans.”

Sea to Sky Kiteboarding is happy to announce a partnership with Rogue Adventure Group and we are excited about working with them next year. Sea to Sky Kiteboarding will be offering tuition and kites for the veterans and first responders visiting Squamish.

For more information about the great work Rogue Adventure Group does or to get involved visit their website –

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