Sea to Sky Kiteboarding Instructor Jordan

Jordan Smith Sea To Sky Kiteboarding Instructor

How did you discover kiteboarding?

My close friend kites in Squamish so he took me down one day to show me I watched a couple times then decided I waned to learn as I’m a terrible spectator haha!

Where did you learn to kiteboard?

I learnt in Squamish.

What did you find the most challenging about Kiteboarding?

The initial first couple of weeks learning to control the kite and board together in the water.

What’s the most rewarding part of kiteboarding?

Landing new tricks that have kicked your butt trying to learn!

What are your recommendations to people interested in learning to kiteboard?

Stick with it! Once you have control of the kite and board it only gets better!

What kiteboarding certification do you have and where did you get it?

International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) Level 1. I took it in Baja, La Ventana, Mexico.

What previous kiteboard experience do you have that will help you teach kiteboarding?

I used to teach skiing, wakeboarding /waterskiing.

Where else have you kiteboarded in the world?

Peru, Aruba, Mexico, Barbados, Seattle, Texas

What do you love about kiteboarding?

I love that there is no limit!

Favourite famous kiteboarder and why?

Ruben Lenten always pushing limits of kiting and trying new moves in crazy winds, now he isn’t competing so much he makes moves and works on other kite projects getting more people involved in the industry.

What brand is your kite gear and why?

Currently I ride 3 different brands because I like variety (North, F-one and Eleveight), if I had to choose one it would be North I love my Dice.

What is your favourite kiteboard trick and are you working on any new ones?

Working on an S bend and dark slides.

Why is Squamish such a good kiteboarding spot?

It’s great here because they have a rescue system so you always feel safe, wind is great, it’s a hard launch spot but they say if you can kite here you can kite anywhere, and you see lots of life in the ocean.

What tips would you give new kiteboarders at the spit?

Stay within your limits, make sure you are on the right sized kites, ask locals for tips if you are new here, take your time when launching and landing and make sure you have a warm suit lol!

Kiteboard Lessons

If you are interested in kiteboarding lessons to launch your pro kiteboard career we offer tailored lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance where you can learn some of the tricks Lauren has discuss. Happy Kiting!

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