Why is Kiteboarding in Squamish so good?!

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Squamish, a kiteboarding mecca in North America

When you think of the best kiteboarding spots in the world, what comes to mind? Cape Town, Maui, Brazil, Mexico, Squamish. Sorry, where?

That’s right Squamish, a small up-coming town north of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. On the far flung western side of North America, those that live locally are spoiled by this summer windy kiteboarding spot.

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Mother of the Wind

Squamish means “Mother of the Wind`. This is a name given by the indigenous locals owing to the breeze that frequently sweeps through the bay. When the temperature is colder in Vancouver than Squamish, the thermal winds flow up the valley like a wind tunnel, this is known as the venturi effect and it creates strong, consistent air flow.

Along with consistent summer winds, the location of the Spit at the end of the Howe Sound inlet provides protection from the Pacific waves, allowing for calm water. The only thing to bear in mind is that the spit is where glacier fed rivers are flowing into the Ocean. The water is cold, but a wet suit will enable you to ride.

Squamish Windsports Society

Squamish Windsports Society has a website with tools to help you decide whether its going to be a windy day. First check the weather Temperature, check to see if the wind speed is increasing Wind graph and then check the Webcam to see who is already there, that’s usually a good sign.

Squamish Kiteboarding Weather:

  • Season (when its windy) – May to September
  • Average wind Conditions – 15- 20 knots, or 7-11m kites
  • Full wet suit needed all season
  • Water Type – Flat and some Choppy

If you would like to learn to kiteboard or an introduction to Squamish kiteboarding contact us for kiteboarding lessons or supervision.

Here is local Crystal Veness’ guide to Squamish.

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